Why online gaming is a great stress-reliever

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Online gaming is now believed to provide some psychological and cognitive benefits for people of all ages.Its ability to offer a form of stress relief is just one of the positive effects researchers have identified in recent years.

A study by the UK TV channel Dave found the simple act of playing video games can help people to cope with feelings of anxiety and irritability. One thousand gamers were polled about their attitudes, and the majority said they enjoyed poker and other online casino games at sites like the best NJ Online Casino because it enabled them to relax and unwind.

The benefits go beyond stress relief, though. 47% of those polled said gaming has had a positive impact on their lives and given them the skills to approach real-world issues in a more balanced and nuanced way. A similar number also said gaming was a prime form of escapism.

Online gaming is viewed as a better outlet for social connections than offline experiences, which is not a great surprise. However, it does highlight how digital fraternity can also boost mindfulness and relieve stress. Players competing against each other at card games online enjoy a sense of camaraderie and competition that is difficult to replicate elsewhere easily.

That is one of the reasons why 60% of respondents said gaming is now a crucial part of their social lives, and around a quarter have increased their circle of friends and acquaintances by playing online.

“For those looking for support, gaming as a hobby can offer a confidence-boosting sense of achievement which may be lacking in other aspects of their lives,” Dave TV general manager, Luke Hales stated.

So why is gaming such a great stress reliever? In addition to the social aspect, many people say they are most content and happy when they are engaged in an online gaming setting. For those playing sportsbooks and casino games, this engagement leads to a greater sense of achievement when they win.

Mental health has been in the spotlight recently, and online gaming helps here too. More than a quarter say gaming is an avenue that they pursue when they need to process a personal issue or concern. Similarly, a third say online gaming has boosted confidence levels.

Gaming is now more accessible than it ever has been. From smartphones to tablets and desktop PCs, people can escape the humdrum of daily activities by loading up a game wherever they are at any time of the day. Six in ten CEOs and CFOs say they now take regular breaks during a working day to play, highlighting again how gaming is a valuable outlet for stress relief.

The expression of creativity and freedom that is inherent to many online games is another reason why they can be so relaxing. Doing something satisfying, such as winning at roulette or blackjack, leads to a release of dopamine, the brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitter, which reduces anxiety, brightens a person’s day and makes them feel more content. All of these factors add up to make gaming one of the best stress relievers.

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