The most sought-after family card game: UNO

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Looking for a fantastic time spending card game to play with your friends? Ever wondered how to play UNO cards? Learn and try today.

It contains a total of 108 cards, each of the players gets 7 cards after shuffle properly. In this game, the dealt card has to be matched with one card belonging to anyone. To win a player must get rid of all 7 cards. After the win of the first person, other players tally their scores in the ongoing round. The game goes on until one of them gets 500 points. It’s very easy and cheerful game. Once you understand how to play UNO, you can switch up with other variations.

Let’s play UNO!

UNO can be played with two to 10 players.

Shuffle and deal

Get into the basics of the game, shuffle the cards and distribute 7 to each player. Keep the rest of the cards aside to create a draw pile. Now it’s time to begin the game by placing the topmost card from the draw pile, in the middle of the table, upside-down. The discard pile will, thus, be created.

Now, the player sitting to the right of the dealer gets the chance to start first and match the color, symbol, and number of his cards with the one lying on the table. Next, comes your turn and if you fail to match the color, symbol and number of your card with those lying in the discard file, then take a new card and add it your side.

Once you are well acquainted with the basic UNO cards, it’s time to pay attention to the action and wild cards. The action cards are of 3 types- reverse, draw 2 and wild card.

Make sure that the game must go on until one player has only one card left with him. In such a situation, the player should shout out ‘UNO’. He will be penalized otherwise if the other player calls him out.

At the last moment, if you can play the one remaining card with you, the game ends there, and you are the winner of the round.

Jot down your points at the end of each round and keep playing until you reach 500 points and be the winner of the game.

Try out other variations

To play the game at a faster pace, try to play double cards. This means every player will play 2 matches instead of playing 1 and will finish through cards faster.

You can also try customizing and creating your wild card. A new deck of UNO cards will probably consist of 3 blank wild cards. You can write a whole new set of instruction in this blank card.

At present, a UNO deck includes Swap Hands card. You can play this as a wild card but decide first with whom you would like to share hands.

The World Wide Web now offers you the opportunity to play UNO online. You can even purchase UNO and play on your gaming system. There so many card game available online through which you can make money online.

Try playing UNO with regular cards

Yes, you heard it right. UNO can also be played with regular playing cards. If you are wondering

How to Play UNO with Regular Playing Cards?

Just read on.

  1. Play with Jack- You can choose between skip and reverse with the Jack card. However, if the game is going on between just two people, the question of a choice does not arise. You can play whenever the suit matches.
  2. Deal with the Queen- Queen cards can be used as a pickup 2 cards for the second player. You can play them after another queen or when the suit is matched.
  3. Introduce the king- The King can be played anytime. This helps you to change the suit.
  4. Bring the Ace- The Ace also lets you change the suit and the second player can play 4 cards. You can play it anytime.

That’s all! You are good to go now with this interesting game!

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