How to Grow Eyelashes Back in 1 days – Guide

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Have you been dreaming about having healthy and thick eyelash growth in just one day? Do you want to make your eyelashes grow naturally thick and long lasting?

If yes, then this is the right place for you to get information which you are looking for! Having long and thick lashes is the ultimate want of every woman because it adds a feel of elegance in their personality. But how is it possible? 


We all know the fact that combing is extremely effective to improve the flow of blood and often stimulate the hair growth. You should use a special brush to comb it over the lashes. This is an easy method which you can easily perform at home. 

You can even use the washed brush which is available with old mascara tube. Add it with few drops of Vitamin E and brush it over the lashes at least 5 minutes two times a day. 


Use of natural oils can also show magical results over the eyelash regrowth in just one day. You can use oils like olive oils, castor and coconut oil which is included with extra nutrition of follicles. This follicle plays an important role for the eyelashes healthy growth. 

You just need to apply two drops of oils on the lashes by using your fingers. Apply it in a way as like you are massaging it. You can either use one oil or the combination of two. 

Petroleum jelly

Next we have the use of petroleum jelly which you can apply just like you apply any cream or lotion. Apply it over the lashes with the help of brush before sleeping. By keeping overnight, you can wash it in morning.

Green tea

It is quite an interesting and surprising fact to know that you can give your lashes a health and thick growth with the help of green tea. This is an easy method which you can easily perform at home.

Green tea is included with vitamins and antioxidants which makes it recommended to be used for the hair loss treatments and in cosmetic products. You just need to make green tea in a cup and let it stay cool down for few minutes. Once it gets cooled, you can apply it over the lashes by using cotton pad. This needs to be done twice times in a day. 

Aloe vera

Aloe Juice as well as flesh is considered to be the best treatment for the excellent nutrition and hair healthy growth. Therefore, we will highly recommend it for the growth of lashes. Take some fresh leaves of aloe leaf and add few drops of its juice to let it apply over the lashes. 

To get excellent results, you can let it stay overnight. In order to improve the whole effect, you can also mix aloe juice with some olive or castor oil. 


Massage technique is another simple method which you can easily perform for a healthy and thick growth of your lashes. Have small drops of coconut or olive oil on your hand and by using finger tips you should perform the massage process. 

You have to do massage for maximum 5 minutes. Performing this method twice times in a week will show excellent results. 

Additional Tips

  • You should never pull your eyelashes forcefully. Many girls do have a habit to do it so or they might even use curler to make their lashes look prominent. This is a big mistake with which you are damaging your lashes on your own. 
  • Never put yourself into any sort of treatment of the lashes growth. This might bring some temporary results but in future this can cause great damage. 
  • Not taking care of your lashes on daily basis is the biggest mistakes. You should give your lashes the same attention and care which you give to your skin or other parts of the body.

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