Why You Need to Consider Concordia’s Online Graduate Programs

Online graduate programs have become more favorguardianialberto geoxoutlet castelli tutto nano jersey andcamicienegozi ynotoutlet akuscarpe cruz azul jersey 2023 scarpeovye legioiedigea vondutchmutzen akutrekkingshop ynotoutlet chilloutshut ovyescarpe harmontblainescarpe able amongst learners considering the current Covid 19 pandemic. Located in Austin, Texas, Concordia University offers four online graduate programs, namely, Master of Public Health, Doctor of Education, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Education.

The university designs these programs to meet every student’s needs and offer a life-changing experience. The university strives to combine the Christian faith into academics considering its history of the Lutheran church. Here are 3 causes you should consider an online graduate program at Concordia.

Ease of entry

There is nothing as tiring and frustrating as the entry process to a university program. Many learners shy away from pursuing higher education due to the enrolment processes. Most universities require numerous test scores before admission. At Concordia, if you meet the GPA requirements, you are good to go.

No other test score is required. Amazing, isn’t it? The admission process is streamlined, meaning that you work with one admissions counselor as you enroll for the program of your choice. It means that enrolment officials will not bounce you from one department to another, which is a nightmare for most students.


Concordia’s online graduate programs are high quality and affordable to all students. You do not have to worry that it’s a private University; everyone pays the same tuition fees whether they are from out or within the state. Additionally, you are allowed to set up a payment plan to cover the tuition fees at no additional costs. Payment is usually a major concern amongst students that need to study but cannot afford the tuition fees as a lump sum.

As if that’s not enough, the university has partnered with Tornado Textbooks, whereby you will save 35% on the purchase of learning materials as a student. For those who choose to get reading materials at the university bookstore, it offers them at a rental fee of $25 for every credit hour and has all the books needed for the courses.


Some people think that the value of education is lost when you opt for online studies. At CTX, the faculty ensures that a high-quality experience is part of the experience for online and on-campus students. Students can receive individualized support from the professors, who are freely available on email or video calls and any other permitted communication channels.

They can also offer career advice if need be. In addition, all the offered programs are completed in groups, meaning you will graduate together with the other students that enrolled in the same program. It is, therefore, quite easy to build connections with fellow students as you work towards your degree.

Concordia is a Christ-centered university where students from all backgrounds learn to lead their lives compassionately as they serve others. You have assured a life-changing experience when you study at the university as you venture into the outside world. These values are lifelong and affirm that there is no better place to be than at Concordia University. Apply today and become part of the Concordia family.


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