Cyber Threats: How SMEs can Fight it Back the Right Way

Cyber Threats: How SMEs can Fight it Back the Right Way

Nowadays, the internet gives generous access to get to the online world. The internet, being the staple source of information and communication now also plays a big role in the business world. It’s mainly used for emails, online marketing, building business’ online presence, and more.

That’s why businesses of all shapes and sizes are prone to cyber threats. And since big and long-running businesses can effortlessly provide compelling cybersecurity measures on their company, the question is, how about the small to medium-sized businesses?

Running a small or a start-up business doesn’t merely mean that your company is on the hacker’s blind side. The truth is a cyber-threat is one of the primary issues that your business must be ready for.

No need to worry because through browsing the pages on your hands, the answers will eventually unfold one by one. Thus, here are the different ways SMEs can fight back cyber threats the right and easy way.   

  • Analyse the confidential data from what’s not

To protect your company and everyone and everything in it, you must be well aware of what confidential data and information you have. It’s because aside from money, hackers are also after data and information that your company might be containing.

Moreover, the company’s data and information are now being used for blackmailing businesses whether it’s big or small. The business owners or company authorities are usually threatened by exposing the data and information acquired from hacking.

That will surely cause a huge impact on the company’s reputation, credibility, and principles. Usually, this is done in exchange for a big amount of money.

  • Train and educate your employees concerning security principles

One way you can prevent unfortunate cyber-attacks on your small business is by training and educating your employees about it.  The more the employees know about cyber-attacks and its overall impact on the company, the more they can cooperate properly on cybersecurity operations.

Aside from that, you can also protect the company’s data and information by creating fundamental security policies for your employees. These policies may include the following below:

    • Disregarding attachments sent by unknown or unauthorised people
    • Taking down notes of reminders using a notebook, not the company computing equipment
    • The use of strong passwords
    • Changing of passwords regularly must be mandated
    • Encryption of data and information must be in a high-security control
    • Putting a password on computing equipment
    • Shredding out unneeded documents instead of merely throwing it away 
  • Equip company’s internet connection with firewall security

Running a company without the use of an internet connection is impossible. Since the internet is gradually becoming one of the backbones of businesses in all shapes and sizes. Thus, you can’t fully secure your business from undesirable cyber threats.

However, equipping the company’s internet connection with firewall security will be a great help. It’s a set of related programs that keep outsiders from entering a private network.

  • Consider availing a cyber-risk insurance policy

Most SME owners are unaware of how cyber threat can easily out their business down on its knees simply by attacking online. They think that if they put their business operations online, everything will safe and secured, whereas, it’s riskier.

A major example is that any hackers can get access to your company’s website or private accounts if they would want to. It’s easier for them to steal and fake identities online.

That’s why as an SME owner, you must give consideration on availing cyber risk insurance policy. It’s because aside from SME insurance that will protect your business in the physical world, cyber risk insurance will be your armour in the online world.

You’ll never know the importance of the two mentioned insurances until you get yourself stuck in the middle of a fight without these armours.

  • Limit the use of personal gadgets within company premises

Most companies aren’t giving much attention to the use of employees’ personal gadgets within the company premises. This is a perilous act for the company and its safety and security.

The employees’ mobile devices may be used to save confidential documents that should only remain within the company premises. Moreover, the devices may also be the instrument for the hacker to get access to your company’s private accounts and to absolutely get the authority to run everything connected to it.

The cyber threat isn’t a piece of cake especially for the small to medium-sized enterprises. That’s why exceptional safety and security measures must always be right in line.

It’s not guaranteed that SMEs will be free from cyber threats through these suggested tips. However, by doing the suggested ways, your SME will surely be well-prepared and to face such threats – and the risks will be lessened too.

Thus, what are your thoughts on the listed tips and/or suggestions? If you have more tips you want to share, there’s no way for you to hesitate – let our readers know what you know.


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