Essential ranking factors for websites those are really important in 2019

Essential ranking factors for websites those are really important in 2019

In every part of the industry in the world, there’s a question that asks who has the best product? This can be answered with the help of rankings. When comes to the world of internet, websites also have rankings that help the user to get the best that deserves. Visit here

Ranking has become a most used form of grading in the internet world so it has fundamental factors to satisfy in order to be known as the best website. Top SEO consultant shows that ranking will be based on various parameters that will determine the position of the website. Every search results will show the best webpage based on fundamental factors.

Content is important

Content for the website is an important factor but there is no unwritten rule regarding the limit of the word. The highest ranking pages will always have a lot of words in the content. The average word count for the highest ranking webpage is 2000 words.

The content for the website doesn’t have any word count but it doesn’t mean that there should be information that is completely irrelevant. Web pages are always relevant to the topic so the content has to be based on the interest of the target audience.


Freshness is an important factor in the ranking of websites and has a powerful impact on the audience. It is an important category for the ranking of the website; if the information for the webpage is outdated with old contents it is not too late to update the information. Visit here

The search engines will always be biased with the web page that has updated and has latest information. The freshness factor seems to be changing all the times so the publishers of the webpage should always be aware of the information which is needed to be updated.

Posting of optimized images

The images are always been an important asset in the web pages as it tends to attract more audience. Posting of images are always been an adding factor for the webpage as it tends to give more information based on drawings, But the search engines always have a tough time recognizing the images. The SEO solution for adding photos is making sure you optimize the image without losing the ranking.

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    lessening the file size for faster loading times.

    selecting a descriptive file name that includes keywords you’re trying to rank for.

    using a caption can help consumers find what they’re looking for.

    Giving a heading to your image provides extra information for comfortable user experience.

Confirmed Backlinks

Backlinks have the same importance as the content for a webpage, so when the website is linked with a trustworthy Backlinks it will make your website to look more appealing. If the webpage has more links from authenticated sources it will boost the webpage in the ranking criteria.

The online marketers who post their advertisement and much other information on their websites have to be aware of their backlinks so they won’t be unnoticed. So constant updating of the backlinks will save the websites from falling down in the ranking.

Mobile version of the website

Booming of the businesses in 2019 will be based on mobile versions of a website which interacts with the users in an easier way. Many Search engines prioritize the mobile version of websites rather than the desktop version. The mobile first index is a tool which begins its ranking based on how the website works on mobile devices rather than its desktop version.

Websites for the mobile version is slowly overtaking the desktop version and the website developers should focus on improving mobile version. The mobile first approach is already revising the searches when comes to local results. The results based on the Geolocation of the user will affect the search results from a broad perspective.

Page speed

The mobile first indexing approach has been influencing the loading time of the page which helps the user to access the website in a fast way. Because of this approach, page speed has become more important than ever for ranking the website. The search engines major focus is to provide the user with the best website that has the fasted loading page speed.

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Brand power and social signals

The Brand power of the website will be an important asset in moving up the ranks. Brand searches provide a strong search for the search engine algorithm. Searching the website based on brand power will increase the number of visitors for the website more the visitors for the website will make it increase in the ranks.

Social media website also influences the ranking factors for the website.  Social signals from the sites will help in the ranking factors by correlating with the searches. With the help of strong social signal and brand, power will help to increase the flow of the traffic for the sites. These factors will, in turn, help the website to step up in rankings.

User experience

User experience is the last fundamental asset but it is considered to be important. Without the help of users, there won’t be any rankings involved so it is considered to be highly important. In the upcoming years, the search engine will improvise in showing the results so the user experience for the WebPages has to be optimized simultaneously. The user experience will vary according to different sectors and divisions but the important part is that the search results will be correlated with it.

Final thoughts

There will be a huge impact on the SEO marketing strategy due to the change in the search engine results and updating the websites. The major search engine tools will pave the way for the future in order to experience the best results. By understanding these parameters it will be a huge benefit for the websites.

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