How to Save Budget on E scooter App Development

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E scooter app development is a pillar of any electric vehicle rental business. Modern rich-featured software allows smooth user interaction with a business, convenience of service use, and ensures company’s managers have enough control over ongoing processes in a company. 

Thus, it’s of paramount importance that software has all the necessary functionality for streamlined business operation and is affordable to companies who’re only at the start of their e-vehicle business. Let’s see how startups can minimize their expenses on e scooter app development without compromising the quality of the final product. 

What Features Should E Scooter App Contain

E scooter app should be packed with a set of specific features that will help it perform its main role – ensuring customers’ ease of use of services a business provides. Before the development process begins, make sure an application will contain the following functionality:

GPS tracker and map integration. This feature guarantees convenience for both users and managers. Customers will appreciate the ability to find the location of the nearest vehicle while for managers GPS feature is a convenient way to track the route and placing of an e-vehicle. 

Locking-unlocking with QR code scanner. Each electric vehicle is equipped with a unique QR code that users need to scan in order to unlock a vehicle and start a journey. Upon reaching their destination point, they can lock the vehicle with the same mechanism. Alternatively, you can integrate a separate smart locking feature for peace of mind that a vehicle is securely waiting for the next customer. 

Online payment with a secure gateway. It’s hard to imagine any other possible way of paying for a ride than online payment in an e scooter app. Use a secure gateway, so users are sure their card details are encrypted. Adding Google or Apple Pay would give you a great advantage over competitors.

Social media integration. Social media is a valuable marketing tool. By offering customers promo codes, discounts or other perks for sharing that they use your service, you encourage the creation of user-generated content and as a result, raise brand awareness among social media audiences. 

User feedback forms/contact forms. Are users satisfied with their experience? Do they have any complaints or suggestions on how to improve your service? Hear your customers out by offering them to fill out the feedback form after every ride. 

How Much Does Custom E scooter App Development Cost

Custom e scooter app development is the process of developing an e-vehicle rental application tailored to the needs of your company. The peculiarity of custom development of e scooter app is the client’s ability to engage with programmers at every stage of the development process and handpick all the desired functionality. Not every business can afford personal e scooter app development, mainly due to the high cost of a final product. 

The price of a custom e scooter app is nearly $40.000 if development is handled by programmers from Eastern Europe, where a developer’s average hourly rate is $35-40. The cost of all the same e scooter app will skyrocket up to two or three times if US or Western European programmers are involved in development.

Other factors that cause the price fluctuation are the complexity of an application, a variety of embedded features and the set deadlines. While we cannot suggest minimizing functionality in order to save budget, we can recommend hiring programmers from Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, to work on the development of your e scooter app. 

Save Costs on E scooter App Development with Franchise by Rexsoft

Rexsoft programmers reside in Ukraine and, thus, offer high-quality e scooter app solutions for quite a tempting price. They have been delivering efficient solutions for the electric scooter rental business since 2017. 

 What is Electric Vehicle Franchise by Rexsoft

The electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft is a set of ready-made solutions to meet the demands of the electric scooter rental business. As a franchisee, you get an e scooter app tailored to your needs (including unique design and customized functionality); CRM for personnel for effective management and a powerful analytics tool. 

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Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

The Cost  of E-vehicle Franchise

In fact, with an e-vehicle rental franchise by Rexsoft, business owners can get the software they need up to 10-20 times cheaper. First, franchisees are required to make an initial payment in the amount of $5000-7000. This is also known as the setting cost for which programmers customize the services, release an app on AppStore and Google Play, integrate CRM software, and test the system. After that, businesses pay the monthly fee for using the service, which is usually nearly $240-600, depending on the number of integrated scooters. 

So, the electric vehicle franchise by Rexsoft is an efficient solution for savvy e-vehicle startups as it allows them to jump on the market without the need to invest in custom e scooter app development. Opting for a franchise is one of the most effective ways to reduce budget on e scooter app without having to deal with quality. Especially if you purchase it from a professional Ukrainian development company like Rexsoft.

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