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tips for writing great content

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Top tips for writing great content

Nowadays, services of all types can be easily found on the web: one can find a copywriter (or a team), hire a backend/frontend developer, or even go for Team Leasing. Today, we will focus on how to create great content.

Web content writing plays a central role in the digital development of a company. It is one of the factors influencing the visibility of a platform and its positioning on Google. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure the quality of the digital content offered to Internet users.

Set the right expectations

You must set out your expectations regarding the writing of the content. Some companies want to benefit from better SEO, while others favor public appreciation. Still, others order the items for the sole purpose of highlighting a multitude of products. Knowing your objectives greatly facilitates the creative process.

Another crucial point is the selection of keywords and terms. These are words intimately linked to a specific theme and whose inclusion contributes significantly to content optimization. The writer can identify and use these keywords. Nevertheless, you can impose a few.

Finally, it is important to delimit the scope of action of the content creator. If words or terms do not correspond to the spirit of your company, you have the right to prohibit their use. Similarly, you can demand the use of a neutral, friendly, or professional tone according to your preferences.

Write for Internet users and search engines

The popularity of a web page depends on both Google and Internet users. This is why the writer must offer content that simultaneously meets their individual requirements. To achieve this, it is essential to first understand the evaluation criteria of a site according to the average Internet user and those of Google in a second step.

The elements that are taken into account by site visitors

Internet users are interested in both the form of the article and its essence. They first assess the relevance and simplicity of the sentences used. The text must be readable and easy to decipher. It is also necessary to ensure the reliability of information and its usefulness in the current context. They are then interested in the tone. Their expectations of this criterion vary from one site to another. For example, the Internet user is used to friendly language on sales sites.

On the contrary, he believes that the neutral style corresponds more to a site of a purely informative nature. Finally, he unconsciously pays attention to the harmony of the content with the rest of the page. This criterion also allows for distinguishing between organized sites and those deemed disorderly. This is why you must present articles addressing similar or related topics on the same pages. To write the right content for your Internet users, it is, above all, important to create your buyers’ personas.

The requirements imposed by Google

Google is much more objective in terms of its requirements. It is mainly interested in the degree of content optimization and its quality. The evaluation of the first criterion is done automatically by means of its algorithms. The second consideration is based on the reading time, the comments of Internet users, and the extent of net linking. It is, therefore, necessary to recognize a prioritization of public opinion.

Create quality, attractive and useful content

Compliance with optimization rules guarantees the visibility of your content. However, it is impossible to prosper long-term without offering quality information. This is why it is essential to respect these three points. First of all, your content must be qualitative. You must use reliable sources and guarantee the integrity of the information exposed. Then, it must be attractive. An average Internet user is exposed to dozens or even hundreds of pages on a daily basis. It is, therefore, important to make your page look different with details such as font, inserting relevant images, etc. Finally, your content must be useful. It is anything but relevant to offer information already available on several other sites. The Internet user expects from you a touch of novelty and a certain degree of originality.

Optimize your texts with a semantic tool

Optimization is considered the most delicate step in the writing process. It requires the inclusion of dozens of words related to the theme and deemed relevant by Google. The writer sometimes has difficulty managing this step independently.

Fortunately, there are designated semantic tools to help him. There are different tools that serve as a guide during the production of your content. After analyzing the theme, such tools offer a list of words to insert into your text in order to optimize it. They also allow you to estimate the percentage of optimization as desired.

Very often, such tools make it possible for you to study how competing sites work. They can collect data on their marketing strategy, optimization system, and key points of their popularity. This information will greatly simplify your digital development.

Understandably, there are many more tips that can help you make your site maximally attractive: we have presented just several of them. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and good luck!

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