Live Streaming App Development: Brief Guide

YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, Vimeo… Nowadays these and many other video platforms are gaining mommaisenzashop guardianiscarpe mandarinaducksaldi guardianiscarpe borsegabsoutlet geoxoutlet maisenzashop ovyescarpe harmonte-blaine castelli vantaggio jersey akutrekkingshop gioie-di-gea von-dutch chilloutsmutze gabssaldi entum because of their ability to provide real-time broadcasting and interaction with the audience. The demand for live streaming platforms has increased significantly, especially with the beginning of pandemic. According to Vimeo research, the live streaming market is predicted to continue growing and reach approximately $250 billion by 2027. So if you’re thinking of live streaming app creation, now is a high time to make your first step. Read the article below to find out the answers to the most common questions or contact video streaming app development company Perfsol. 

What is a live streaming app?

Live streaming app is a software thanks to which you can stream, record, and share сontent. More advanced platforms also can provide you with additional features like search or promotion. Live streaming platforms can be used for any business from any industry. Such apps allow you to host in-person events, online classes, as well as promote products or services, participate in church services or even observe the wildlife in real-time mode. 

Depending on the type of content you’re going to broadcast, there are two types of streaming apps that you can build: audio streaming apps (like Spotify) and video streaming apps. Let’s take a closer look at the last one.

Types of video streaming apps

If you decide to create a video streaming app, the first thing you should do is to define whether your app will be a traditional streaming app or on-demand streaming app.

By the traditional video streaming app we mean apps that provide video broadcasting from user’s cameras or screen capture contemporaneously (for example, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube Live). According to Earthweb, 56% of live streams are related to urgent news, the rest 43% are represented by live music concerts, festivals, and conferences.

Speaking of video on-demand (VOD) streaming platforms, the most popular one that comes to mind is Netflix. VOD streaming service allows users to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, or anything else whenever they want. According to Statista, the number of VOD streaming apps users is predicted to grow to 1,924.4m users by 2027. Also VOD market volume is expected to reach $157.90 billion by 2027.

Live streaming app development process

Video streaming app development is a complicated process (as well as any software development) and consists of several stages. 

The first one, is to choose who will create the app for you – freelancer of software development company. Both options are good, everything depends on your requirements and budget.

The second step is profound investigation of market specifics and trends, analysis of your potential target audience and competitors. That’s how you can get a better understanding of the market needs and evaluate if your app idea is viable and relevant.

The third stage is about thorough planning of your project development workflow, as well as outlining the required resources (time, budget, necessary number of tech experts, etc.)

After that you can move to the design stage. It starts with creation of the rough prototypes which is followed by UI/UX design.

The fifth stage is code creation. This is the stage where your ideas and design become implemented in something ‘tangible’ with the help of different technologies.

The last one stage is testing if the app is without errors and runs smoothly. After that the app is launched to the app stores.

How much does it cost to develop a live streaming app?

It’s hard to provide a precise estimation as everything depends on the complexity of your app, should it be a cross-platform app or not, etc. If you have some project in mind, it’s better to contact tech experts and get consultation regarding your particular app development.

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