How to choose your headboard in 6 points?

How to choose your headboard in 6 points?

The headboard is the little extra soul of the sleeping area. Customizable at will, it has many advantages. Indeed, it will bring a touch of additional decoration to your room, and may even include storage to accommodate your business. You will pay attention to its style and size, so as not to harm the look of the room. The finishes and colors will also influence your choice, just like the coating. Finally, we give you some tips and tricks to maintain it.

1 – What style of headboard?

Although the headboard has historically been designed to isolate the sleeper from the cold of the wall, it now represents an additional decorative advantage in a room. So you choose it based on the rest of your furniture, and the overall look of the room. There are 4 main families of headboard style: design, contemporary, baroque or oriental.

To qualify as a design, the backsplash must have certain characteristics. Simple lines preferred materials, size, we explain how to find the rare pearl. The contemporary headboard, meanwhile, follows the effects of fashion. However, it retains some characteristic features: materials, colors, shapes, we tell you everything about this type of backsplash.

The trip is invited to your room through the oriental headboard. We reveal to you its specificities. Finally, put some fantasy in your room with a baroque headboard. To know everything about this style and the others, go on

2 – What color for my headboard?

Mostly, the French choose the color white or black for their headboard. And we understand them! These tones are indeed blended with happiness to all others. Black and white also give a contemporary touch to the piece. On the other hand, there are some basic rules to follow in order to install a black or white backsplash in your room without making a mistake.

We looked at the principles of interior design, to offer you our best advice.

3 – What headboard features?

Protect from the cold, but also decorate the room or act as extra storage, here are the main features of the headboard

The aesthetic function of the headboard:

As you can already see by reading our articles on the style and colors of the headboard, it is the charm of a room.

If you want to emphasize even more the elegance of your sleeping area, we advise you to opt for a padded headboard or quilted. Do you wonder about the difference between these two types of finishes? The latter will also teach you how to choose your luxury headboard.

The storage functions of the headboard:

In apartments that are too small, lack of space can be a serious problem. To face it, did you think about the headboard with storage? There are several types of closets and drawers, with bedside tables, or with shelves. Thus, your travel memories, your books or your underwear can easily be stored at your fingertips.

4 – Choosing the upholstery of his headboard

To adapt to all types of decoration, the headboard comes in many materials. These include pell-mell wood, leather, imitation leather, rattan or even fabric. You will have to make your choice taking into account the look of your room, but also according to the ease of maintenance of your backsplash. The price will obviously have its influence: you will not install a full grain leather headboard in a child’s room.

5 – Which dimensions to choose for your headboard?

The headboard, of course, has a decorative dimension in a room. That’s why you need to choose a model at the right size. You would not want to ruin the entire design of the room because it is too small, or conversely, disproportionate to it. It is obviously necessary to take into consideration the dimensions of the bed itself, both in width and in height.

Then you need to determine how wide your headboard should be. For this, different factors must be taken into accounts, such as the width of the bed or the style you want to give to your room. The height of the backrest, standard or XXL is also to be treated. Finally, do you know how to place your headboard?

6 – Attention to the maintenance of a headboard

Now that a beautiful headboard throne in the heart of your room, you must maintain it so that it remains aesthetic as long as possible. It is not uncommon for spots to appear, linked for example to the production of sebum. Bad odors can also become embedded in the tissues.

Do you know how to maintain your headboard? Indeed, depending on the material that composes it, and the type of stain (dry, wet, greasy, etc.) you will not use the same techniques or the same products. Cotton is obviously less fragile than leather and wood also requires some special precautions, depending on whether it is painted, lacquered or waxed.

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