How To Keep Your Hardwood Floor Its Best During The Sunny Season?

How To Keep Your Hardwood Floor Its Best During The Sunny Season?

While most of the people look for class and elegance when choosing flooring for their space, they sometimes overlook the other advantages and disadvantages of the floor. When this happens, they usually end up installing a floor, which looks good but difficult to clean and maintain. You would already know that hardwood flooring is one of the classiest floorings available in Flooring stores Calgary. Its grace and elegance are unmatchable and so is the value that it adds to your home. However, to keep it fresh and new, you have to make sure it’s getting proper care and maintenance.

Hardwood floor particularly needs care and maintenance during the summer season. When the climate changes, hardwood floors expand and contract with the changes in humidity levels and temperature. If these floors are not properly taken care of during these months, they might end up cracking or warping.

As the climate changes, wood floors have a tendency to expand and contract along with temperature and humidity levels, and, if not properly cared for, this may lead to warping or cracking.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your hardwood floor in summers and keep it as fresh as new:

  • Regular Vacuuming

While mopping can also be used to clean dirt and dust from your hardwood floor, a vacuum is the best option to remove grit and dust from between the planks. Also, make sure you use a bare floor attachment so that you don’t mistakenly scratch the wood.

  • Protect the floor against direct sunlight

The summer sunlight can be extremely harsh for your hardwood floor as it can quickly discolour or damage the wood.  While it may be difficult to keep the sunlight off your floor all the time, you can still protect it as much as possible by following a few care tips. For example, you can close your blinds and curtains before going out as it will help avoid the floor’s exposure to sunlight to some extent. Even if you’re not going out, you can keep them closed during the brightest or hottest time of the day. Also, if you’re building a new home and want to install hardwood flooring, you can go for E-glass windows.  These type of windows help reduce the most hazardous and destructive ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays of the sunlight. Moreover, if you have existing windows, you can consider various types of window films to protect your floor against sunlight.

  • Use cleaning products that are recommended by professionals

One of the most important and useful tips when it comes to floor maintenance is using the right cleaning products. Buying the wrong floor cleaner can lead to irreversible damage, and you surely wouldn’t want that. The right cleaning products might be a little more expensive but they’re worth investing in. It is recommended to go for cleaning products that are specially formulated for wood flooring. Also, it’s better to opt for natural floor cleaners, for example, olive oils, etc. instead of wax-based cleaners or detergents. It is because wax and detergents have the tendency to damage your floor’s finish.

Using vinegar for cleaning wooden floors is also recommended. However, it is not recommended for regular or long-term use as it may have an oxidizing effect on the wood floor. Moreover, cleaning the wooden floor directly with water is not recommended as too much moisture can discolour the wood. So, to wipe out dirt or spills, it is advised to use a damp mop instead.

  • Avoid too much moisture by regulating indoor humidity levels

Note that wooden floors have a natural tendency to absorb moisture, which means that during the summer season when the humidity level is high, your wood flooring can cause you a lot of trouble. Usually, during the summer months, hardwood floors slightly expand and if they’re installed correctly this expansion won’t cause you any worry. However, the high humidity levels in summers may cause other damages to your flooring. For example, high humidity levels and excessive moisture may lead to swelling in your floors which may result in cracks. To avoid any such damage, it is recommended to keep indoor temperature somewhat consistent and humidity levels within the range of 35-55% by using a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture and keeps the humidity levels low. It also helps prevent excessive expansion or contraction.

Moreover, if you notice any swelling or bulging in your floor, contact a professional right away before it gets worse. Also, be more careful about the excess moisture during rainy nights in summers.

  • Protect your floor against too much dirt

Note that too much-wet mopping can also damage your floors. So it is advised to avoid dirt and spills as much as possible. You can do this by placing floor mats at all the entrances and asking all house members to remove their shoes before walking on the wooden floor.

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