Top ten tips for loans

Many people have a dream that they should have a house. The building or buying a home is the most significant financial decisions one has to make. Make My Money is there to help you in taking loans from various banks. Every person wants to have a sweet and happy home and MMM helps you by connecting you with several banks so that you get loan easily to buy your dream house.

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Tips for the loans for home

Taking a loan for a home is a good decision. Before taking the loan for the home, one should do good research as not to get surprises later. Make My Money helps you in getting your dream house. Thus taking the right home loan package becomes very important. Here are a few tips that may help you in choosing the home loans:

Proper research on the options for loan 

In the era of technologies, one can easily access the internet and research options available for loans. The research done by any person should have three essential factors, namely, EMI, repayment tenure, and down payments. 

A home loan, considered as one of the greatest assistance if one is suffering through the shortage of money. Thus knowing repayment tenure and payments through the easy installment can make it a better option. 


There are plenty of options for home loans in the market. Before applying for home loans, one should look at whether he can afford it or not. Affordability is a huge contributing factor that one should look for. One should able to pay its monthly EMIs but also able to adjust it comfortably with other essential living expenses.

Choose proper EMIs

The EMIs depends upon you is that the monthly installments. Banks offer various equated monthly installments, is that EMI. The EMIs offered by the banks varies as suitable to the customers borrowing. 

Repayment tenure 

The repayment tenure is the time in with one shall have to return the sanctioned loan. The EMIs and the repayment period go together. The long repayment tenure can make EMI amounts small but it can result in a higher rate of interest. One can opt for the repayment tenure that is longer.

Additional charges 

In spite of the EMIs, the banks have other charges also. Additional charges such as processing, service or administrative charges that bank can levy in the time of loan borrowing. Make sure to discuss these things before you borrow the loan from the bank.

Read the documents very carefully

Any person who is taking home loan shall read all the documents very carefully and make them clear to himself. All the agreements written in the documents should read cautiously before borrowing the loan. 

Maintain CIBIL score 

Credit score maintenance is one of the important aspects of getting a loan. One should maintain its CIBIL score for getting the loans easily. 

Know foreclosure norms properly

Reading and knowing the RBI norms is an advantage at many levels.  Foreclosing your home advance by reimbursing the extraordinary sum in under the submitted time spares you from paying any additional costs. Therefore, if one pays its home loan early then his credit score becomes high.

Down payments 

One should try to pay as much as possible in down payments. The interest paid on the principal can reduce hence it is helpful.

Check home loan eligibility

If borrowing loan for home then checks your eligibility criteria. The criteria include CIBIL score, any documents important in getting the home loan, etc.

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