How Will My Lawyer Gather Evidence in a Criminal Case?

If you’re facing criminal charges, you’ll probably wonder what to do. For most people, the first step is hiring a lawyer such as William Hanlon Criminal Lawyer in St Petersburg with a background in criminal law. A lawyer can help in many ways. They’ll make sure all your rights are protected under the constitution. They will also assist you in creating a possible defense. The process of creating a defense can take some time. Your lawyer will begin by gathering all sorts of evidence to present to the court. 

Speaking With the Client 

The first thing the lawyer is likely to do is speaking closely with you. They will want to know your side of the story. A lawyer’s aim to is finding out what happened. Now is the time to speak candidly. Your conversations with the lawyer are generally protected under what is known as attorney-client privilege. This means that you are free to tell the lawyer what went on and why it happened. This process may take days or even weeks until the lawyer is satisfied they have the information they need for your case. 

The Discovery Process 

By law, all prosecutors must reveal any information and evidence they have against you. The goal is to provide the defendant with a trial that is completely fair. All of the evidence they have is evidence they must present to your attorney. Your lawyer will sort through all this material. Evidence may include all police reports as well as any lab reports, and any other statements that the prosecutor thinks is part of the case against you. The lawyer understands how this can all add to a case in front of a judge or jury.  looking for specifics they can use to help you. 

Independent Investigations 

In addition to examining the documents and other material presented by the prosecutor, a lawyer will also do their own investigations for you. They will take the time to examine the scene of the crime if there is one. They may also visit all areas where the crime allegedly took places such as a bank or an office space.Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyers will also see if there’s physical evidence that might have been overlooked by the prosecutor. Examining the scene of the crime can help they realize what form a defense might take and why this is the best approach.

Contacting Witnesses 

Witnesses can help set the scene and help provide you with a defense. A criminal attorney will speak to the same witnesses and see if they can offer a new perspective. They will also reach out to others who may have been present but may have been overlooked by the prosecutor. They may reach to locate a witness who is otherwise difficult to find. They also might hire a private detective to help verify that the witness is telling the truth about their background and what they saw. George Floyd police justice act Witnesses can help you provide an alibi and confirm where you were on a given day. 

Outside Experts 

Criminal defense lawyers also gather evidence by speaking to experts in a field. An expert can help clarify data and make it clear why it might apply in your case. For example, the expert might be able to offer a different perspective on DNA evidence or blood spatter patterns. The expert can also help the lawyer find possible avenues of evidence that may have otherwise been not considered by the prosecutor. An outside expert can also confirm your side of the story. They might indicate that road conditions were exactly as you said that day.

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