What To Do If The HP Printer Is Not Printing In Black Ink After Refill:

hp printer issues

The printer is unable to print the desired document in black ink. The printer suddenly becomes colourless and does not print at all. This is a common situation it can recur frequently. Some of the common reasons which make the situation to arise are given below. 

  • Printer Cartridge is not installed properly.
  • The printhead is clogged.
  • HP printer does not function on faulty ink levels. 
  • The  HP printer’s ink preference is set to “Print in colour”
  • Printer has a lot of dust particles that cause an error while printing. 

Please note an HP inkjet printer can experience several printing problems. The user may always come to a conclusion that the Ink levels are low hence the hp printer not printing. Please note the printing issues can be many and alone the problem with the printer’s cartridge cannot resolve the printing issues. 

What can be the key steps for troubleshooting the problem?

As a frequent user of the hp printer you can a series of trial and error methods to diagnose the real problem which is stopping you from printing. Please securely remove the plastic tape on the cartridge this is the first step in troubleshooting. A common mistake the customers using hp printer not printing do is they load the new cartridge to the printer without removing the tape. However few other people simply forget to replace the cartridge when it dries up or is over. 

The user needs to calibrate the hp printer from time to time. A common mistakes people make is that they feel we calibrated the hp printer at the time of purchase so there is no use to recalibrate again and again. Each time you load a new cartridge calibrate the same, please run the self diagnostic test report and the printer cartridge alignment  this will allow you to make the black ink to function. 

You can use a cotton ball or a soft cotton cloth to clean the printer cartridge and the scanner block. Please gently wipe away the dried ink and dirt, which may prevent the fresh ink from flowing and printing. The printer heads need cleaning timely. 

There can be times that the printer does not print properly another reason identified is that the printer laser has an issue. This is clear because the error message reflects on the printer that Issue with Laser assembly. 

If HP Laser printer is giving you issues to print well and in black colour you need to print the troubleshooting pages. Please note that if these pages do not print the black ink it is clear that the toner cartridge needs refill or replacement. 

Another issue could be with the wiring connection of the printer. Please check the wiring and the power supply connected with your printer to eradicate this issue.  If problem persists you can contact the hp support center for any assistance in this regard. Informative and suggestive videos which share a tutorial on the printer issues are also a helpful tool to resolve your concerns. 

Decision for repair or replace: 

Repair or Replacement of the printer and its parts is a costly affair instead of an economically affair. If the parts of the printer such as toner kit, fuser, cartridge, printer head in case these has an issue which is commonly known as a hardware problem. The cost involved in repairing the same will be higher than the cost involved replacement of the printer and purchasing a new one. 

Remove smears of ink:

There can be smears of ink behind the printed sheet to avoid this you need to follow the given steps. Ensure printer is loaded with plain white sheets of paper. Choose the setup option from the printer’s control panel menu. Choose the option tools. Then choose the option clean page smears. The printer slowly feeds blank paper. Once it prints its fine otherwise change the available paper from the printer. 

Appropriate selection of paper type is a must:

Before printing any document please select the appropriate paper type and tray for your printer to print effortlessly. Clean the clogged printer head by manually detaching the cartridge from the printer you can use the automatic cleaning function. There is a drawback associated with it because it will use a lot of ink. The other convenient option available is please clean the printer head well manually with a cotton cloth. 

Reinstall the printer cartridge:

Please download and install the updated printer driver so that the cartridge works smoothly and prints because if the printer faces a compatibility issue with the system it will not print. Please reset and restart the printer after you have installed the new cartridge. This smoothes out the printing function. 

How does printer recognise that the cartridge is new?

There is a clear chance that the HP printer not printing or does not recognise the new cartridge, Modern technology has developed simple features to let the printer know that a particular installed cartridge is new by simply pressing the reset button. 

 Why does my printer not recognise the cartridge? 

If printer cartridge does not click properly the printer is unable to recognise the cartridge. Due to this reason printer is unable to print in black ink. The printer driver not being updated etc is not always the reason that your printer cannot print black ink. 

How to reset the HP printer cartridge:

Hold the power button placed on the printer for approximately 20 seconds allow the printer to turn off. Once it turns off please open the front cover of the printer detach the cartridge then reattach the same once again. Now once this process is complete please provide a test print command to the printer so that the cartridge can be tested. 


Yes it is true that hp printer not printing and does not print black in colour because the printer cartridge is not calibrated correctly after it has been installed. It requires a reset of the cartridge for printing properly. All the other strategies.

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