How to improve life expectancy?

How to improve life expectancy?

If you wake up with a purpose in life and you have goals to achieve, you’re definitely someone who wants to live long. People who think otherwise might need therapy and counseling because life is simply beautiful to not try hard.

Most of us wish to live long but that only works when we’re healthy. Everything you do all through your day reflects your health status when you’re old.

Healthy and positive ways to have a longer life

Find out ways to improve your life expectancy and explore the brighter side of life:

  1. Embrace the sun

When you go out in the morning and expose your skin to the sun, your skin cells produce vitamin D. It is an essential prohormone for bone health and fights diseases like diabetes, depression, heart problems.

As per studies, 50% of adults don’t have as much as vitamin D they need even though it is the easiest to absorb. Even going out for 15 minutes into the sunlight, can higher the levels of vitamin D in your body. Let your face and hands grab the power.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

You can improve your life expectancy if you choose to stay around people who bring out the best in you. When you stay more connected, you will see an overall improvement in health. You must have positive relationships within your family and relatives especially because they’re closest.

Positive relationships aren’t directly related to having a longer life. However, they lower your stress and keep you joyful. Having people who want the best for you is much better than not being alone.

  1. Exercise every day

A common aspect that is the same for most people who are fit even in their 80’s, is fitness. No matter how weak and fragile old people are, they don’t forget to nurture their muscles every day. Be it brisk walking or stretching, exercising can enhance longevity over many other things.

Living a sedentary life is one of the common triggers of health problems that lead to death. You must find ways to rev up your body every day. Start with easy ones like cycling, running, and slowly escalate to doing gym or yoga.

  1. Floss your teeth every day

Flossing is the weirdest thing that not only keeps your teeth intact for long but also improves life expectancy. They primarily prevent gum disease but it also connects to our heart.

Flossing prevents gum inflammation and chronic bacterial infection. If these occur they tend to harm our arteries and also grow plaque.

To make flossing a habit, you must make sure you have it at home. These are available in plenty of flavors, ribbons, and strings. Picking the one you like will incline your usage.

  1. Have more sex

People who have more sex tend to have a higher life expectancy level. Good frequency of orgasms can result in 50% less in the mortality level.

How sex is related to longevity is a mystery, but reduced stress levels can be a direct example of this. Having a healthy relationship with the one you have a sexual relationship adds more to life.

  1. Vegetarians live longer

Vegetarian people have fewer bad fats, lower weight, and more antioxidants in their body. These are three reasons enough to increase life expectancy.

If you’re not a vegetarian that eats a lot of junk food, you can enhance life expectancy. Vegan diets are better as they don’t include animal products like cream and cheese.

People who consume lots of veggies and fruits have high levels of antioxidants in their body. This fights to age and quickly heals the body of any type of damage.

  1. Regular check-ups

Going through a regular check-up is a smart way to stay fit and healthy. You definitely won’t like to do pay long bills or have your organs scrutinized, but it is pretty effective.

Medical tests help treat diseases quickly and extend life. However, it is challenging to figure out what test you need. So following up with a doctor regularly is best.

  1. Reduce technological use

Being in front of a TV, computer, or cellphone is linked to shocks, poor eyesight, and emotional impacts. They make your life sedentary and bind you to it. People tend to become antisocial or grow social awkwardness.

You should try and reduce using a gadget only when you need to. Work is important but excessive leisure is not. You must exercise, read books, have a hobby, and keep yourself occupied in your free time.

  1. Avoid risks

You can protect your life if you don’t smoke or drink. If you call in diseases by having unhealthy habits, they will reduce your life expectancy more than what you assumed. Bad habits bring in diseases and the possibility of early death. Moreover, painful death is what none of us want to experience.

Other than smoking and drinking regularly, you must also maintain a healthy diet and have a good lifestyle. Making such alterations will help you live long and happy.

  1. Stay peaceful

It is extremely difficult to find your inner peace and maintain it in a big bad world. Life is unfair and people are mean to us. Most of us come across at least one bad thing that people do and upset us. For example, getting rejected from a cab driver to get a drop back home to being cheated on by a colleague, all give us a different level of agony. We need to figure out ways to not care or quickly move on and look out for the better things in life. This way we can be content and happy about what happens and look into the brighter things in this world.

Final thoughts

Having a happy life doing the things you love and treating people the way you want has power. Spreading love gives us utmost satisfaction and we must do more of what is expected from us. When friends and families are closer, and there’s harmony at work, it tends to please us and keep us healthy and happy.

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