5 Smart Tools that will Help You Choose an IB School in Riyadh

Are you browsing the internet looking for a website to give authentic tips for finding the right schools in Riyadh? Well, you’re on the right page to take you by hand so you can get your child the best education. This article lists five things you should consider when choosing an IB school in Riyadh.


What is an IB school?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in 1968 to provide children with a wholesome curriculum and equip them to study in universities worldwide. The curriculum encourages:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Diversity
  • Curiosity
  • International mindedness


This high-quality education promotes world peace through cross-cultural education, creating responsible and socially conscious adults. So a school following an IB curriculum must be well authorized by the concerned authorities.


5 things to consider while choosing an IB school in Riyadh

IB schools are getting into the limelight in education trends due to their unique learning approach. So consider these tips while choosing one for your kid.


  • Accessibility to the school

It is the first step in your search to find the best school. For example, if you’re in a city, there might be many IB schools. Another option is to seek answers on the web through the school’s portal. Then, check out the options available on the IBO website and pick your perfect school.


  • Convenience and Repute

After finding the best IB schools in Riyadh, picking the perfect school for your child becomes challenging. So, begin with the school’s reputation and your child’s ease of reaching the school from home. Then, try researching on google maps to get the fastest route to the school.


Secondly, talk to the school’s parents and find out their experience with the teachers and other parents. Even talking to an ex-alumni helps a lot. Overall, an accredited IB school will be mission-driven and not just have a good reputation and learning environment.


  • Academic status and the faculty

Now eliminate the schools that don’t produce results by checking the information on their website. Be serious in this step, as this is crucial for your child’s development. Most IB schools offer a diverse and flexible curriculum. These are the core three programs offered:


IB – Primary Years Programme For students of 3-12 yrs
IB – Middle Years Programme For students of 11-16 yrs
IB Diploma Programme For students of 16-19 yrs


It would be best if you considered that reputed International Baccalaureate schools have a pass rate between 95- 100%. Also, the school’s faculty must be dedicated, committed, and qualified with new-age teaching strategies and learning needs.


  • Extracurricular activity level

‘All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy.’ Adhering to this proverb, ensure that the school nurtures co-curricular activities for students, from tournaments to Olympic games. Doing this builds up the personality of students.


Subsequently, the students must also be taught other areas like leadership, discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. In a nutshell, the school must prioritize education and extracurricular activities.


  • Facilities

To give that holistic nurture, the school must possess facilities to provide that learning appetite to its students. It must have a well-equipped library and laboratory, a secure campus, and modern infrastructure to give each student a home-away-from-home feeling and environment.


Above all, ensure that everything between the parent and the school is transparent regarding policies and procedures if you decide on the right school.



The international baccalaureate offers a world-class educational standard that qualifies your child to be a part of any university worldwide. Following these pointers to guide you in finding the perfect school for your child from all the schools in Riyadh. Happy hunting!

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