10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Laptop Is Better Than Windows 8

windows 10 laptop

A lot of introspection and detailed research is necessary to choose the right laptop. Apart from that, one needs to be very mindful in choosing the right specification for the laptop.

There has always been a debate between windows 8 and windows 10 laptops among buyers. The cost factor is also very considerable, so you can purchase the best laptops under 50000 in India for your personal use.

If you want to buy windows 10 laptops for yourself then, Here we mentioned the top 10 reasons why windows 10 laptop is better than windows 8. Read to know more!

1. The Start Menu

Some loud voices in the tech community demanded the return of the Start Menu. The Windows 10 laptop heeded the cries for its return, giving it a tile-based appendage to make the OS touch-enabled and not lose live tile information.

You may also look for the best laptops under 50000 Rs. category. Moreover, the tiles come in various sizes, where you can give more important apps big tiles.

2. Cortana

It’s nice to interact with the technology. If you have used Siri or Alexa, you know how convenient it is. The Windows 10 laptop offers inbuilt Cortana. “Hey Cortana, Play Music” is only for starters.

It isn’t just about voice commands. Her notebook keeps your interest, popping up your favourite team and local weather. You may look to buy the best laptops under 50000 Rs. price range.

3. Apps, Movies, and Games

If you still use Windows 8, you don’t have an App Store. The Windows 10 laptop lets you find needed for large and small tasks. These apps run in their sandboxes, making it secure than old-school Windows Apps.

The Windows Store isn’t just for apps. You can get movies, photos, and TV shows for rental. You may buy the budget-friendly and the best laptops under 50000 Rs. By opting for the windows 10 model you get access to a lot of features and third-party integration.

4. Action Center

Your smartphone pops up notifications for messages, updates, and breaking news. Why shouldn’t your PC? The Windows 10 laptop has an action centre similar to macOS, showing messages from emails, system updates, and apps.

Moreover, if you don’t want to get bothered by notifications, use Focus Assist to quiet them. Thus, you may look for options for buying the best laptops under 50000 Rs.

5. A Better Browser

Hurray! No more boring Internet Explorer. The Windows 10 laptop uses Microsoft Edge to modernize the OS’s default browser. It offers improved compatibility and speed, like webpage markup and reading mode.

Moreover, the current version will soon get replaced by the Chromium browser. Also, you may look to buy the best laptops under 50000 Rs.

6. Security

The Windows 10 laptop inherits the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8, making it more secure.

It requires any code that runs right when the OS starts. Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello are some of the other security features. Moreover, you may look for cost-effective and the best laptops under 50000 Rs.

7. Virtual Desktops and Timeline

Some sophisticated Mac users found the capability to switch among virtual desktops. The Windows 10 laptop finally brings the ability to Microsoft Desktop OS.

The task-switching app reveals the Timeline that shows your browsing and app activities to get you back quickly. Moreover, you may purchase the best laptops under 50000 Rs price range of various brands.

8. Supercharged Copy Paste Clipboard

One of the best features of the Windows 10 laptop is the supercharge copy-paste clipboard. It lets you paste from multiple items you recently copied or cut and works with texts and images.

The clipboard is not limited to one PC but roams around other devices. Moreover, you may buy the best laptops under 50000 Rs available in the market.

9. Dark and Light Modes:

The dark mode has made it to the most common parts of the Windows interface. However, the Windows 10 laptop gave some little love to the lighter version.

Under the “Choose your colour” option, you may opt for light, dark, or custom colour options. Also, you may opt for the best laptops under 50000 Rs. available from various brands.

10. Nearby Sharing

Looking for a great and swift way to share files instantly? You can make sure of the nearby sharing facility.

The Windows 10 laptop offers nearby sharing and the capability to share photos or videos directly using Bluetooth or Wi-fi. And the best part is no internet connection is required.

It is similar to Apple’s Airdrop feature, which lets you quickly get a file from a nearby desktop. 

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